Captivating Tendencies of Interactive Screens in Education!

The appearance of interactive whiteboards in educational institutions is now impossible to imagine a modern class without this device. The application of these technologies in the field of education is very important. The teacher has the opportunity to make the learning process much more visual and interactive. This is facilitated by software that allows the teacher to simply create educational material in different subjects, simulate experiments and experiments, test the audience with instant output on the board of the results, conduct listening lessons in teaching foreign languages, and demonstrate thematic videos.

These interactive whiteboards are a very effective and convenient tool for teaching in educational institutions, as well as conducting presentations, training and teamwork in the field of business education. An interactive whiteboard is a touch screen connected to a computer, the image from which is transmitted to the whiteboard by the projector. The board works simultaneously as a computer monitor and as a regular board. It is enough to touch its surface to manage applications running on the computer.
The Main Types Of Interactive Equipment 

  • Interactive direct projection boards  
  • Interactive SMART Board 800 interactive boards  
  • Interactive direct touch projection boards (Dual Touch)  
  • Interactive systems  
  • Interactive screens for plasma and LCD displays  
  • Interactive desktop displays  
  • Interactive table SMART business kits SMART hubs 

However, here are the following interactive screens for educations.
Multimedia Projectors  

Multimedia projectors (video projectors) are intended for playing on the big screen information received from various devices: computers, DVD players, video cameras. Today the projector is a universal device, the use of which is possible everywhere. In offices, conference rooms and educational institutions, the video projector is indispensable for displaying presentations, images and videos for a large audience. Projectors are an excellent solution for obtaining images of excellent quality and large size.

Plasma Panels  

In the modern world, plasma panels are becoming more and more popular. This is due to many factors, plasma screens have a high image contrast, have a large viewing angle of 160°, and are much larger than LCD screens. In addition, the plasma screen is characterized by the absence of flicker, making it less tiring the eyes of the audience. Currently, plasma screens are widely used as information boards at airports, train stations and exhibitions, are used in home cinema. Plasma panel is a great solution to display information.

Multimedia Globes  

The Magic Planet multimedia globe is a digital signage display with a spherical screen and special software that allows you to demonstrate the static images of the Earth, it also reflects real-time weather changes in the world, the consequences of human activity on the globe, the migration of biological ecosystems, the temperature distribution in different parts of the world, the movement of tectonic plates and continental drift, ocean currents, seismic activity and much more. Providing a fascinating effect on viewers, Magic Planet digital globes are an effective tool for attracting attention and can be used for educational purposes.
SMART Document Cameras

Document cameras are a very flexible tool that allows you to do things that no other presentation equipment can do. With their help, you can view such objects as a document just printed on a printer, a displayed photo, or even a part coming off the conveyor. If you want to present documents or small objects in front of a large audience, then document cameras are the best way to do this. They are able to display both small fonts and details of objects that are indistinguishable with the naked eye.

Video Conferencing Equipment 

Video conferencing is a two-way or multi-party communication for transmitting audio, video and data applications. In the modern world, video conferencing systems are used everywhere for remote negotiations and meetings, and in situational centres for operational decision making. Also, no distance learning is possible without video conferencing sessions.

Electronic Panaboard Boards 

These boards have two white work surfaces on which you can draw with ordinary multi-coloured markers for whiteboards. Multiple copies of images from the surface of the board at any time can be printed on plain paper in black and white using the built-in printer. Thanks to the integrated USB interface, the Panaboard can be quickly and easily connected to a computer. This allows you to save the image printed with markers on the board, as graphic files on a computer, provides remote control of the board, and also allows you to use the Panaboard as a regular printer.

Bottom Line 

The main task of modern education is not just to give the student fundamental knowledge, but to provide him with all the necessary conditions for further social adaptation, to develop a tendency toward self-education. One of the main tasks for the current teacher is to make the learning process interesting for students, dynamic and modern. And in this interactive technology came to the aid of teachers. So, these above-mentioned display screens will help the children to increase your learning process.

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